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Unlock your factory's 
product potential.

Are you an Indian manufacturer in one of our focus industries


Excellence in Retail

Neuvert brands deal across verticals with an ever-growing list of SKUs.

Our supply program is a unique opportunity for quality Indian manufacturers to work on high-volume supply opportunities with Neuvert brands.

Currently accepting applications for:

Home goods, apparel, jewelry, and pet products.

How it works

We empower suppliers through efficiency.

Neuvert suppliers operate with an obsessive focus on quality, cost, and lead time.

Pitch Designs

Suppliers know their products best.

We keep them in the driver's seat to

create and grow their offerings.

Receive Orders

Good designs win orders. Simple.

The average Neuvert factory supplier boosted monthly sales by 55%.

Gain Insights

Stay ahead of the curve.

Our constant market analysis helps suppliers seize new opportunities.

Pitch away.

Neuvert's 360° supplier platform makes it easy to get going ---- and keep going.


Order management

Accept and service orders.

Find new opportunities to grow.

Render Preview of Neuvert Platform, Dashboard Page
Easily pitch your innovative designs,
gain feedback on designs that aren't accepted,
and enjoy reorders on successful designs!

Our digital platform launches this summer.


Factory registration

Once your application is accepted, setting up your company profile is quick and easy.

Render Preview of Neuvert Platform, Company Profile Page
Render Preview of Neuvert Platform, Catalog Page


Catalog development

Launch designs, submit quotes, and add product info all at once.

Hallmarks of a winning product:
  • unique design
  • great quality
  • affordable price

An emphasis on speed.

Successful factories typically have:

  • Short lead times and low MOQs

  • Willingness to work closely with Neuvert

  • Prices consistently better than market

  • Innovative designs and fast production cycles.

Join our supplier network today.

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